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Welcome to my official website.
I am Cas Peace, author of the triple-trilogy epic fantasy series ‘Artesans of Albia’, the first novel of which, ‘King’s Envoy’, is an Amazon UK Bestseller.
My other works include the non-fiction book ‘For the Love of Daisy’, and short story contributions to The British Fantasy Society 40th Anniversary anthology ‘Full Fathom Forty’ and the Janet Morris/Perseid Press fantasy anthology ‘Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters.’
In addition to my novels, I am also a folk-singer/songwriter.
Each of my Artesans novels has its own unique folk-style song, written and perfomed by Cas Peace with NTN.

The first six songs are available now (February 2016), and the final three will be ready soon. 

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I also offer my Writers’ Services, which include line and content editing, copy editing, manuscript polishing and critique.
I can also help with synopsis writing and submission packages.
Please see the Writers’ Services tab for more details. 

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Cas Peace: Trilogy 1 - Artesans Of Albia

King's Envoy KC thumbV2 KA thumbV2
King's Envoy King's Champion King's Artesan

Cas Peace: Trilogy 2 - Circle Of Conspiracy

The Challenge The Circle Full Circle Thumb
The Challenge The Circle Full Circle

Cas Peace: Trilogy 3 - Master Of Malice

The-Scarecrow-thumb blank blank
The Scarecrow The Captives The Gateway

Cas Peace: Other books and contributions

Full Fathom Forty Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters For the love of Daisy
Full Fathom Forty Heroika 1: Dragon Eaters For The Love Of Daisy

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