After having read and loved King’s Envoy, I was thrilled when fantasy author Cas Peace agreed to re-edit my novel, Lodestone (Witch-Hunt Series). I was impressed with her writing style, novel structure and character developments and wished to add professional polish to my novel before I released it in print.
Not only did Cas re-edit into US spelling, she thoroughly edited for grammar and offered structural advice. Her suggestions for word exchanges were insightful and appropriate. Subtle sentence restructures and tightening of phrases enabled story clarity.
I take full responsibility for any errors within Lodestone as sometimes I chose (for author reasons) to follow my own instincts (not very often).
I’m absolutely delighted with the work Cas did and Lodestone has become a gorgeous book I’m proud of.
I hope Cas will be available to edit my future offerings. Thanks so much for your meticulous attention to detail and for your generosity in helping this author.
I highly recommend Cas Peace as an editor and an author.

Wendy Scott - Author of Lodestone: (Witch-hunt).