Working with Cas Peace has been a wonderful experience. At first I was put-off, thinking she would be far more expensive than I could afford, and having experienced her editing services, she’s likely worth every penny I imagined. Yet she graciously worked with me and we came to a rate and pay schedule that my finances agreed with. Apart from pointing out typos and grammar issues, and even just relaying her opinion, she seems to delve into the work as if it were her own. However she can still size everything up with the clearer eyes of an observer. Those two things together are priceless. She gives praise where it’s due, criticism and comment where they’re needed. She’s even battled some semi-renowned stubbornness for the good of a story (she was victorious, if anyone is wondering). Personally, I’ve enjoyed all the conversations we’ve had about every facet of my novel. Beyond that, she’s been kind enough to put up with my sporadic, attention-deficit, stressed-out nature which has made her task with my work a long-running one. Before hiring Cas, I thought my novel was turning out well and would be a good candidate for publication when finished. She’s improved on so much of what she’s read that I feel even more confident.
Rachel Summerhill. Into the Blind Darkness (WIP).