I’ve heard that writing a novel is like driving at night on an unfamiliar road. For me, that was undoubtedly true and as a consequence I found myself a bit lost; making it up as I went along. Cas Peace was my Sat-Nav. She got me from location unknown’ to final destination’ without crashing in a flaming heap, and for that I will always be enormously grateful. Cas has the enviable ability to take a raw piece of work and see the potential, even through the painful mistakes of an amateur. More than that though, she has the expertise to help the writer realise that potential. At many times on my own literary journey I very nearly turned the car around and headed home; it was Cas who kept me going and made my novel a reality. Her enthusiasm and genuine care for those she helps makes her the greatest asset any writer could ask for.
Steven D Jackson, Author Of The Paranormal Thriller 'Shifter.’
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