I have known Cas Peace online for several years. During that time, we have both reviewed many of the same materials, and I have developed a deep respect for her knowledge and her instinct for good writing. I was also fortunate enough to have her edit my fantasy novel, "A Sword Called...Kitten?" During that process, I was impressed by her insight and quick understanding of written prose, her sympathetic attitude towards her client, and the thoroughness of her proofreading (She was Instrumental in my reassessment of my use of commas). 90 percent of the novels I review online are in desperate need of services of the quality she can provide, and the other ten percent could probably learn something from her as well. I would be happy to have her work on any novel of mine, and highly recommend her to anyone who wishes to improve his or her prose in any way.
Gordon A. Long - Editor, Airborn Press.
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