I "met" Cas on an Internet book community platform a couple of years ago and once I'd discovered she offered editing services to authors, I asked her to proof-read my second book for me. Not only did she do a fantastic job of proofing it line by line, mistake by mistake, she also offered me invaluable advice on style, grammar, consistency and construction. My work has been infinitely improved through her input. I have had previous work proofed and edited to varying degrees of satisfaction, but Cas' approach, professionalism and thoroughness is second to none. Her attention to detail is surpassed only by the polite and good-natured use of her editing pen. Whilst highlighting the (many!) errors throughout my book and suggesting improvements, Cas was definitely more constructive than destructive and the results were a transformation from rough to polished. I would recommend Cas without hesitation and I shall certainly use her services for any future projects.
Tony Lewis. If Only I could Talk, Tales From The Hilltop.
If only I could talk
Tales from the hilltop